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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Reproducing camera position with a laser distance meter?

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  • Philipp B. Koch
    ... Yes, of course you re right. This thing I m doing there is only a simple before-after-pano of a friend s bar-to-be-started (right now it looks more like a
    Message 1 of 21 , Jun 16, 2008
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      Jim Watters schrieb:
      > Philipp B. Koch wrote:
      >> I'm afraid that won't work at all, because it's a room that's going to be completely refurbished. There won't be any points left that allow for comparison.

      > Between the start and end of the project there might not be any points
      > left but if you are taking panos all the way through the building
      > process then I bet there are several points that will be usable between
      > the previous pano to the current pano. (...)
      Yes, of course you're right. This thing I'm doing there is only a simple
      before-after-pano of a friend's bar-to-be-started (right now it looks
      more like a ... well... listed for demolition). So unfortunately I can
      only shoot one before (which I already have) and one after the
      refurbishment. That's why I was thinking if there could not be a better
      way than my nail-in-the-ceiling approach. And obviously there is, as all
      the answers have shown. I think I will try something with several laser
      pointers if I have the chance one day.

      > I did a series of panos of my back yard from the deck all summer long.
      > I marked the extension of the tripod, so it was extended to the same
      > position each time.
      > I placed a screw into the deck, and drew a circle around it that the
      > tripod legs would sit on.
      Hhm, impossible in my case because the floor must not be painted at nor
      could I place screws in it.

      Again, thanks to everyone!

      Best regards, Philipp
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