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Re: [PanoToolsNG] A probably simple set of questions...

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  • Erik Krause
    ... Just guess, if you do it hendheld. Position yourself such that you can touch the camera with streched armes, then try to spot something behind the camera.
    Message 1 of 13 , Jun 9, 2008
      Neil Miller-5 wrote:
      > How does one accurately try to position the camera, where it was on the
      > tripod after you have moved the tripod away? or should I just for the
      > moment shoot down with the tripod in place and try and mask it out?

      Just guess, if you do it hendheld. Position yourself such that you can touch
      the camera with streched armes, then try to spot something behind the
      camera. Put away the camera but leave your feet in place. If you now hold
      the camera at arms length in front of the feature you remembered, it should
      be roughly in the same position as before.

      PTGui PRO viewpoint correction is a nice thing, but works with flat floors

      See http://wiki.panotools.org/Stitching_Nadir_Shots for a tutorial on how to
      stitch nadir shots. And of course don't miss

      Neil Miller-5 wrote:
      > I use ptgui to stitch, ages ago, I was told that to remove the tripod from
      > the shot, I had to convert the down shot to a tif, mask out the parts with
      > the tripod and stitch that image in. Is it the same for your body if you
      > are hand holding for the downshot?

      That's still the work flow if you don't use viewpoint correction.

      Neil Miller-5 wrote:
      > Does anyone have a work flow with examples I can read to better educate
      > myself about shooting with a fisheye and the stitching process.

      Perhaps you want to have a look at http://wiki.panotools.org/Tutorials where
      some tutorials are listed. Another good one is

      Neil Miller-5 wrote:
      > What about if I am shooting in raw mode, how does that affect things if I
      > need to mask areas out?

      You should convert all source image with the same settings. Convert to TIFF
      if you want to mask the tripod.

      Neil Miller-5 wrote:
      > With a fisheye, do I still use this to do partial non-spherical pannos? if
      > so, in most cases the entire area I would want to shoot would be covered
      > in the one shot, but, is it best to shoot like 4 really overlapping images
      > instead of just the one or 2?

      You can defish a single fisheye shot with PTGui and such create a partial
      panorama. But you get pretty low resolution this way. Better use a lens with
      appropriate focal length in order to capture a bit more than full intended
      height in portrait mode and use several shots. This way you get a single row
      panorama, which is very easy to stitch. With a longer focal length you must
      shoot multiple rows for the same pano but you get higher (eventually *much*
      higher) resolution.

      BTW.: Did you read http://wiki.panotools.org/User_Guidelines? Especially the
      Subject section?

      best regards

      Erik Krause
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