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RE: [PanoToolsNG] Walk through into 360Panoramas

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  • Sacha Griffin
    Oh I see. I ll take a look in ie. Since I was in firefox. I apparently didn t see any of the good stuff at all. That s a little retarded. There could have
    Message 1 of 5 , May 6, 2008
      Oh I see. I'll take a look in ie. Since I was in firefox. I apparently
      didn't see "any" of the good stuff at all.

      That's a little retarded. There could have been a browser warning at least.


      Yes, in ie, there is something to see. The walkthroughs are very nice in
      flash. It's interesting to note the video registration with the 360. I guess
      once you match focal lengths with the slr, and mounts it is not all that
      hard. And hopefully, you don't have to take care of lens distortions from
      your video camera.


      On the upside of the browser issue.. Microsoft.com now supports firefox.
      They have their wga plugin available and you can continue to use the site.

      Sacha Griffin

      Southern Digital Solutions LLC




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      Sacha Griffin schrieb:
      > I saw a ton of something.. But at least in firefox, there was no actual
      > "flash" just screenshots on the entire site.
      I had the same problem with Firefox (on Windows) and Opera as well. I
      guess he used some improper embedding technique,
      because with Internet Explorer I could perfectly see his example at
      > Some articles talking about some flash, panoramas etc.. but only some
      jpgs. I didn't get it.
      While I find it impressive (you'll have to "look around" a little to
      find the hotspots - they are there!) how the transition from one node to
      the next is beautifully solved, I wonder how useful/effective this could
      be with real panoramas. Obviously he's using a rendered 3D-scenery here,
      because otherwise I don't know how the parallax problems (the camera
      moves around corners for instance) could have been solved.
      > Being a 20+ year internet vet, I don't get hyped on intangibles anymore..
      > vaporware.
      > Though, some of the stuff apparently exists, but who knows if it'll be
      > released.
      You're right of course. But still, it's an interesting project I think.
      Since in the tutorial a "demo mode" watermark is visible, maybe he'll
      come up with some commercial application eventually.

      Regards, Philipp

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