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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Timelapse panorama project

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  • pau valiente
    Keith, John, Alessandro, thanks for your nice words, after all the work done on this project is very recomfortable to feel that interest. Thanks! I ll see if
    Message 1 of 5 , May 5, 2008
      Keith, John, Alessandro,
      thanks for your nice words, after all the work done on this project
      is very recomfortable to feel that interest. Thanks!
      I'll see if in any piece of free time I get soon I can do a
      "subtitled" panorama, maybe will be the first! ;-) At least I'll try
      to translate the script or make a little summary.
      I went to do the photographs with a friend of mine who is Director of
      Photography in movies and is interested about panoramas. It was hard
      to be there from 7:30 morning till 20:00 evening, and each 5 minutes
      do the 6 shots horizontal at 10mm with the canon 10-22 (landscape
      position). Sometimes I went to relax and walk a little and sometimes
      she stayed at the feet of the tripod reading .....
      The pigs where very scared of our presence at first, but as some of
      them where aproaching and we stayed very stable, finally all of them
      came by our side. After some time we had to jump in front of them to
      make them move one or two meters away of us. The problem was that
      they were sniffing and eating and lots of them went to eat our food,
      and because of the 360 photographs we had to hide the food from the
      camera at the back of the first tree. Also they where so intrigued
      about us being there that some where to try the taste of the
      tripod!!! Imagine my face when I turned to check the tripod and saw a
      big pig tasting the tripod with his tongue!!!! :-o

      The resolution of the installation is much better than the one on the
      web viewer. We where working with 8 PAL with some space between them
      doing a final panorama size of 7205 by 405 pixels (PAL anamorphic of
      576 pixels). Here you can see an example of the final canvas: http://

      The bigger problems stiching were my fault when photographing, first
      of all the biggest problem was that in two moments during the shot we
      did touch slightly the zoom ring and change it a little. And being in
      the PTGUI app, I did tell the application to not to optimize the lens
      setting different for all the images because some times I got worst
      results than using the same setting for all. The second thing was
      that the PTGUI app is not prepared (or not yet ;-) for timelapse
      panoramas with the panosaurus head, so when you ask to look for
      points it doesn't look for points between each consecutive image and
      looks between the images that had lots of resemblance (or so it
      seems). But anyway, that's simple to fix by forcing it to look for
      points between each pair MANUALLY .... 8-o (I had some other friends
      also helping me in this hard and boring work!). The rest was fine, I
      missed some automatisms in the PTGUI app, but I understand that the
      use I gave it it's not the normal use everybody gives. As I had
      800-1000 photos per place (so finally 2600-3000 photographs in three
      Of course a 360precision would have made my life a lot easier, I
      think that a NN3 would have done also my life easier as it have
      detent too, but the panosaurus head we used worked perfectly I must
      say. The problem was that in this project the budget was very thin
      and it was impossible to think about a 360p. Next time maybe ;-)

      Technically once I had all the "frames" stitched we entered in a
      process of video postproduction of a canvas of 7205 by 600 that later
      croped to the 7205 by 405 (proporionally to a 16:9 aspect ratio). As
      you can see on the canvas I showed you ( http://tinyurl.com/6yfq6q )
      the black bars where the structure of the projection screen, the grey
      spaces are the part that we don't project because there is where the
      people enter and leave.
      Once finished the postproduction, I divided the big canvas in 8 video
      movies (in after effects). The projection system is a flash card
      based video player sincronized by a dmx system I think. As I didn't
      do the technollogy design I can tell. Anyway it's nothing extremelly
      dificult to achieve.

      If anyone of you have further questions, don't hestiate to ask, I'll
      be glad to answer! Also would like to hear about your project, John,
      maybe we could collaborate!

      Thanks all again for your words!

      pau valiente

      El 29/04/2008, a las 19:24, johncharlesriley escribió:

      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, pau valiente <groups@...> wrote:
      >> Hi everyone, we have finally finished the timelapse panorama project
      >> I did talk some weeks ago. You can check the results in:
      >> http://mardeimagenes.com/guadix_expo/
      >> There you will find the panorama divided on three parts to fit a PAL
      >> movie, a lucid viewer pano with the video (i'ts a pitty not to have
      >> directional sound) and finally the youtube videos where you can see
      >> the exposition being build and the final result.
      >> Comments are welcome!
      >> I hope you like it!
      >> pau valiente
      >> www.pau.cc
      > Hi Pau,
      > That is very cool, especially when the pigs come to visit. (Did
      > any of the pigs show an
      > unwelcome interest in your tripod/camera setup?) There are a few
      > questions I want to ask
      > about the project.
      > How does the resolution in the installation compare to the lucid
      > viewer on the web? I am
      > imagining it must be a good deal higher.
      > Did you take all of the pictures yourself or did you have some
      > assistants? I would zone
      > out or fall asleep after a few hours and miss some shots for sure 8-)
      > Looking back over your posts, it sounds like you had a good deal of
      > trouble with the
      > stitching and alignment from one pano to the next. Do you think
      > using a panohead like
      > the 360Precision (and a heavily weighted tripod) with a template
      > for batch stitching could
      > have made your life a lot easier? Just the hours you would have
      > saved probably would
      > have paid for one!
      > How did you run the projection system? How did you divide up the
      > panorama between
      > the eight projectors and synchronize them? Were you running it all
      > off of a single
      > computer with several video cards or what? Details!
      > I would like to do an installation of this sort and any lessons you
      > have learned that you
      > would like to share with us are welcomed.
      > Good work!
      > John Riley
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      > --

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