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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: .Mov or Cubefaces for FPP

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  • Scott Witte
    ... Oh... those be fight n words, Hans :-D ... OK, but we are talking about FPP, not Quicktime. Quicktime has no effect on FPP as I m sure you know. If a
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 19, 2008
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      Hans Nyberg wrote:
      > No Scott you are not right.
      Oh... those be fight'n words, Hans :-D
      > First you have to know that Quicktime Movies, also QTVR normally are
      > cached by Quicktime not by the browser. You set that cache in the
      > preferences for Quicktime. Not sure how this is handled on Windows though.
      OK, but we are talking about FPP, not Quicktime. Quicktime has no effect
      on FPP as I'm sure you know. If a computer doesn't have Quicktime
      installed FPP can still display QTVR format files. So Quicktime isn't
      telling FPP where or whether to cache the files.
      > Its very easy to see that FPP is not caching the movies in this cache,
      > Just find the cache in your Home/Library/Caches Quicktime. Empty the
      > cache and load some panoramas in a FPP site using movies. You will se
      > that when you take info it will not grow at all. Load some standard
      > QTVR pages and it will cache all the movies.
      Sure. Now do the same thing but watch your /browser's/ cache and you
      will see the files, whether cubeface or MOV, being downloaded there, at
      least for FF and IE. (It may have a cryptic name like "42898C7Dd01" but
      just rename it to FOO.mov (assuming it is a MOV file) and it plays just
      fine in Quicktime.) FPP simply issues a urlLoader command that downloads
      the file. The browser determines if the files stay in cache. Safari does
      some indecipherable things in this respect. It may be that it doesn't
      cache files over a certain size or type. I can't figure that out (and it
      sounds no more comprehensible in your own experience). But FF and IE put
      all these files into their cache up to the cache limit, which is user
      settable, unlike Safari's.

      What all this tells me is that FPP really has no effect on whether a
      file is cached. The browser does, especially in the case of Safari. Am I
      missing something?

      Scott Witte
      www.scottwitte.com <http://www.scottwitte.com>

      Member, APA | Midwest

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