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Re: Settings for FPP

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  • Hans Nyberg
    ... I do not know how advanced Flashificator is. It does not work on Mac. As far as I can see you do not have an xml file. This means you use the default
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 3, 2008
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock" <alarcon@...> wrote:
      > Hi Hans,
      > On your reply to the message regarding Papervison-3D software you said:
      > >FPP performs just as good with the right settings
      > >This is segments 40, motionquality low in FPP
      > >http://www.panoramas.dk/2008/flash/tower-bridge-F2.html
      > >It is smoother and has no wavy lines on any of my test machines.
      > >If you increase the quality to medium and decrease the segments you
      > >get no shimmer effect and there is still minimal wavy lines.
      > >This one has segments 35 and motionquality medium.
      > >http://www.panoramas.dk/2008/flash/tower-bridge-F3.html
      > >Can you adjust settings for quality like you can in FPP?
      > I am experimenting with FPP and I am using Flashificator GUI to produce
      > these; I get lot of shimering and wavvy lines on the produce panoramas.
      > Where do you change the settings?.
      > Flashificator does not have, none that I can see, a settings tab for
      > you to alter the settings on motion or segments. This is very
      > pronounced as you can see on my sample of FPP by clicking the link at
      > the bottom of this web page
      > http://www.alarcon.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous.htm
      > Maybe I have been spoiled by using DevalVR, your comments and help will
      > very much appreciated.

      I do not know how advanced Flashificator is. It does not work on Mac.
      As far as I can see you do not have an xml file. This means you use the default settings for
      FPP and that is segments 20.

      All settings for FPP can be changed in the XML file.
      Setting up a single page like yours is very simple if you follow the tutorial.

      In the examples you can choose different pages,
      Start copy the 2 folders files and images plus the files navigation.xml and navigation.html
      to a new folder which you can use for your panos.
      You can change the name on the navigation.html to your own and make a new xml for
      each pano. In the navigation.html you change the link to the xml file for each panorama.

      You can now just change the cubefaces in the images folder to your own. Just use the
      same names for your first. You can also make your own controller and of course also
      change the info file
      The xml file is a simple text file you can edit and you can ad all parameters like segments
      qualitymotion etc.

      These settings should be between the parameters.
      Like this.

      panoName = images/the name of your cubefaces, just the first part like nature in the
      zoomHome = 0.7
      layer_2 = files/hotspots.swf
      layer_5 = files/autorotator.swf

      zoomMin = 0.45
      tiltHome = 0
      panHome = -30
      sensitivity = 60
      friction = 0.80
      threshold =0.000001


      You find info about the different parameters in the tutorial.

    • Rodrigo Alarcon-Cielock
      Hi Hans, Thanks you very much, I ll try that. kind regards, Rodrigo
      Message 2 of 3 , Apr 3, 2008
        Hi Hans,

        Thanks you very much, I'll try that.

        kind regards,

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