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Re: New 3D crosseye panos (also posted on panoguide)

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  • dorindxn
    Hi Roger, Thanks for your insights I very appreciate. The lateral shift in NN3 was 3 cm so I have a 6 cm lens speration. As I said, I need to improve my 3D
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 10, 2008
      Hi Roger, Thanks for your insights I very appreciate.

      The lateral shift in NN3 was 3 cm so I have a 6 cm lens speration.

      As I said, I need to improve my 3D retouch.
      Except for stitching all the process/retouch I done was in software
      that I wrote myself which was designed for 2d but I'll implement some
      3d brush and clone tool and selection tools mean to morph
      selection/intervention from each pixel from left-eye to right-eye is a
      corespponding map I think of from some time or maybe a simple crosseye
      preview/magnifier will help.

      It can be done almost perfectly, the moving objects can be cloned and
      placed as flat but in a diferent plane in 3d space the offest can be
      also "clonned" from nearby objects, mean to have the same offset from
      flat-left to flat-right as the genuine 3d objects. This will work for
      small/distants objects. I've done this before at conversion of the
      regular photos in 3d ones using sparated layers and then placed in 3d
      space by a particular offset and x,y position.

      Smartblend could be an option but I'm afraid that it can be smart
      enough to compensate the parallax beetween and such to reduce the 3d
      effect, so I'll not use for a while.

      thanks again,

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Roger D. Williams" <roger@...> wrote:
      > On Sun, 09 Mar 2008 17:30:21 +0900, dorindxn <Dorin@...> wrote:
      > > Greetings to all,
      > >
      > > Here are my first crosseye panos with fisheye Sigma 8mm 3.5 and NN3
      > > (10-12 photos for each eye)
      > >
      > > only in DevalVR
      > >
      > > http://dorin.devalvr.com/dxn_pano/crosseye_3/target_man_3d.html
      > > http://dorin.devalvr.com/dxn_pano/crosseye_4/pano.html
      > > http://dorin.devalvr.com/dxn_pano/crosseye_5/cyl.html
      > >
      > > for the second one, please excuse the moving pingeons and the
      > > retouched shadows as I didn't learn the 3D retouch yet.
      > >
      > > Feedback greatelly appreciate,
      > My first reaction is delight to see my two main interests in photography
      > combined so successfully--stereo imaging and immersive panoramas. I
      > really enjoyed the stereo effect, and was encourged to find that one
      > problem I had anticipated does not arise. I had thought that with a
      > fixed separation between the two lenses taking the L- & R-eye images
      > the stereo effect would deteriorate as one zoomed in and be exaggerated
      > as one zoomed out. My thinking was that you need more separation
      > between the lenses to generate the same sense of depth when you use
      > lenses with longer focal lengths--in conventional stereo photography,
      > that is. But I was pleased to see that the stereo effect remains
      > strong--and perfectly natural--even on zooming in to the equivalent
      > of a medium-tele lens. As a matter of interest, what lens separation
      > did you use?
      > While the second image is most noticeably affected by pigeons who
      > wouldn't sit still for you, I do notice problems with retouching in
      > the first and third, too. It's a rather strange effect, as if the
      > retouched image is flat, and not exactly in the plane or planes of
      > the surrounding images. Obviously a parallax problem.
      > It seems to me that some of the problems at least partially solved by
      > the PhotoShop CS3 ability to combine images and eliminate overlap,
      > and/or by the "smart" blending of images affected by parallax and/or
      > partial images of people moving between frames, should be amenable to
      > the same kinds of technique. Although from a rather different, er,
      > perspective, of course... <grin>
      > The problem may be to interes one of the extremely able people who
      > might be capable of this enough to get them to actually work on it.
      > This is one project I would be delighted to contribute to if it
      > were done as in Open Source, for instance. Alas that I have no
      > other specialized skills to contribute...
      > It would make an ideal Google project if someone as effective as
      > Yuval could catch the vision and provide the motive force to get
      > something done.
      > Roger W.
      > --
      > Work: www.adex-japan.com
      > Play: www.usefilm.com/member/roger
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