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Re: [PanoToolsNG] VR-Objects and NIKON Camera Control

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  • johnriley
    Michael, I went through the nightmare of trying to get all of that working. Really, all it would take for Nikon Capture to be working would be for them to fix
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2006

      I went through the nightmare of trying to get all of that
      Really, all it would take for Nikon Capture to be working
      be for them to fix the applescript dictionary/apple event.
      proper command is listed, but has been non-functional since
      version 2, apparently.

      I DID manage to make it work two or three different ways

      One approach: GUI scripting Nikon Capture so that you can
      applescript control it.

      Another approach: use the web-server feature of Apple Image
      Capture, which can fire most Nikon DSLRs. Applescriptable
      I believe.

      The way I did it: download the Image Capture SDK from Apple.
      Look for the CameraCapabilities application in the
      SampleApplications folder. Connect your camera and run the
      application. If you see one of the capabilities of your
      camera is
      to take a picture, you are golden! Two routes from here:
      (a) GUI
      script the CameraCapabilities and control it and eMCee by
      applescript or (2) Make sure you have XCode installed and
      the project to add an applescript command to
      CameraCapabilities to fire the shutter, then applescript it

      You will probably need to put in delays as needed to keep
      getting ahead of your camera. GUI scripting Nikon Capture
      the advantage of being able to store directly to your
      though you might figure out how to do that otherwise.

      Of course, all of this assumes you have a computer that can

      In the end, I am using a Fuji S2 and I had to use QuickKeys
      control the GUI for HyperStudio (the Fuji equivalent of
      Capture) since regular GUI script wouldn't work. I wrote an
      applescript that controled the QuicKeys script and eMCee.

      I have discussed adding applescript capabilites to VRWorx
      its developers and they seemed receptive. If you are using
      video camera, it controls Kaidan rigs very well and works in
      X. I just wish it was scriptable so that I could use it
      with an SLR!

      If I can help, just ask.


      > Hello friends of panoramas and vr-objects,
      > Is anybody out there using a Kaidan rig with their eMCee
      > software in combination with Nikon Capture in order to
      > produce vr-objects?
      > If yes, I'm sure those users know about the problems with
      > the newer Nikon Capture versions and their apple script
      > bug. Unfortunately nobody at Nikon seems to be interested
      > to fix this bug. Also their latest software called 'Camera
      > Control Pro' is not able to deal with AppleScript /
      > AppleEvents.
      > I'm trying to convince NIKON to fix this bug or to add
      > such a feature into their new software. But one person is
      > not enough. Let me know, if you are interested in such a
      > solution too.
      > Best regards
      > Michael Pook
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