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Re: EnfuseGUI v1.0

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  • Ingemar Bergmark
    ... Yes, this was confusing. Default meant to reset to default values. I ve changed the text on the button to read Reset now. ... Hmmm... I ll see what I
    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 29, 2008
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Klaus Hilsenbeck" <kh@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Ingemar !
      > Good piece of work.
      > Just made a few quick test-runs, found strange behaviour here and
      > there: Right-click on enfuse options node -> popup window 'enfuse
      > options' -> 'Default' Button seems to do nothing, but erasing
      > values?!

      Yes, this was confusing. "Default" meant to reset to default values.
      I've changed the text on the button to read "Reset" now.

      > BTW: would we nice to have a 'load' and 'save' option here, too.
      > This way I could save complete sets of values.

      Hmmm... I'll see what I can do about this.

      > Changing Output-Suffix does not affect output name at all.
      > Nothing happens.
      > Would be nice, if the Gui could 'remember' settings
      > (suffix, values, etc) I used last time, so I do not have to change
      > and fill everything again.

      It can. After setting your default values in the "Enfuse Options"
      tab, and setting your suffix/blend count etc, choose "Make settings
      default" from the *File menu*.

      > And, last point, I would like to have a 'open' button to jump
      > directly to the results.
      > Something like:
      > Open with Tif-Viewer - or - open with pano-viewer
      > - or - 'go to output folder', - or - ....

      I think that the best way for me to do this is to add an "Open
      result" option on the context menu...

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