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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Camera choice?

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  • Serge Maandag
    ... There was a question on the list regarding the differences between the D40x ... Nice comparison chart. Let s see: I see the D40X has no flash commander
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2008
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      > Hi gang, I will buy a DSLR in the coming weeks and want your opinion
      > on sub-US$1000 bodies. This camera will be used for non-pano, and for
      > QTVR possibly using Sigma 8mm f3.5.
      > I'm considering Nikon D40X, Canon 400D, Nikon D80. To me they look
      > very similar with the following exceptions so I'd like to hear your
      > opinions with respect to features needed/desirable for creating
      > panos/QTVRs.

      There was a question on the list regarding the differences between the D40x
      and the D80 half a year ago. I'll paste my answer here:


      > I'm looking at the comparison guide for the differences between the
      > D40x and the D80. Not too drastic.
      > http://www.nikonusa.com/fileuploads/pdfs/DSLRCompare.pdf

      Nice comparison chart.

      Let's see:

      I see the D40X has no flash commander mode. That would be a show stopper
      for me. Commander mode means that you can put your flash anywhere in the
      room and it will flash along with the onboard flash. I use it a lot for
      macro work. I focus close with my macro and have the SB600 flash in my
      hand to light the subject. The macro lens is big enough to cast a shadow
      on the subject if I keep the flash mounted to the camera.

      The lack of bracketing options is also a pity. One day you'll want to go
      HDR without a doubt. But perhaps by that time there's a functional pda app
      that allows you to command the camera via usb.

      The D40x only has 3 focus area's, but I usually stick to center focus anyway.

      Battery life time seems considerably lower with the D40x. That does make a
      big difference for sure.

      The lack of wire remote can be disappointing.

      Having no depth of field preview button wouldn't matter to me.

      I have never used the high speed flash sync.

      ISO noise reduction isn't available on my D70s, so I don't know whether
      it's important.

      I would miss the grid lines in the viewer. Great for horizons.

      The fact that it can only auto-focus with lenses with built-in focus
      motors may be a real show stopper, depending on the lenses you own or
      would want to buy.

      Oh, and the D40x is tiny. That's an issue a lot of Canon owners keep
      complainting about..

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