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Re: PTGui Pro 7.5 Mac closed on saving!

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  • marlanit
    ... Hi Eric, I m not a network or raid expert; so I can t answer your technical questions. I m working to this project for a photographer and am working on his
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 6 3:31 PM
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Eric O'Brien <ericob@...> wrote:
      > Indeed, there are some unanswered (unasked?) questions here about
      > that "networked RAID."

      Hi Eric,
      I'm not a network or raid expert; so I can't answer your technical

      I'm working to this project for a photographer and am working on his
      Mac...I just can say what I know: copying a group of files from the
      raid to the internal HD took 10 or 15 seconds for 650MB. Does this
      tell you something?

      > MY guess is that the place you are running out of memory is during
      > OUTput.

      I think so...

      > So: you are trying to output, at "full size"

      Definitely, full size is what the photographer want.

      > a 6 x 8 (or is it 6 x
      > 16?) mosaic from 5412 x 7212 source images, right?
      > Are the source images oriented in Portrait or Landscape orientation?
      > (That is, which is the horizontal dimension: 5412 or 7212 ?)

      7212, so landscape orientation...I wasn't there during the shooting.
      This is just the situation I found.

      > Or, never mind all that... to avoid having to get out my calculator:
      > what is your final desired dimension for this mosaic? (5412 * 6?
      > 7212 * 6? by... ??)

      The photograper's final, full mosaic, desired dimansion is 5412*6
      pixel vertical and 7212*24 horizontal...they are 24 tiles and each
      tile is 2x3, 2 columns 3 rows, just one tile is 2x4 and don't ask me
      why... :-) so there is a total of 146 images! It's very huge! Final
      output is almost 150000x30000 pixel.

      Eric, thanks for your reply,
      Marco Lanciani
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