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Re: [PanoToolsNG] enfuse on Mac OS X

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  • Yuval Levy
    ... YES - just skip directly to - assuming the build environment is already
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 21, 2007
      John Riley wrote:
      > Can I compile just the enblend/enfuse source (and where to get
      > instructions?) to use in PTGui?

      YES - just skip directly to
      - assuming the build environment is already in place, see further down.

      > Do I have to compile Hugin? Could I then use enblend/enfuse from
      > that in PTGui?

      no, you do not have to compile hugin. Enblend/Enfuse work as a stand
      alone, with any tool including PTgui.

      > I did manage to get Hugin compiled once before, but it was a
      > difficult process from scratch. There was always that "one other
      > thing" that was implicit or assumed in the instructions (and yes, I
      > have see the instructions on the Wiki.) Things like installing XCode
      > tools (no, not the ones from your system disks, you have to do the
      > 900MB download), X11 SDK, X11, woops the macports binary doesn't
      > actually set the environment as it claims, etc, etc. I am on a new
      > computer now and again it is taking a long time to get all of the
      > groundwork laid to _attempt_ to install it. I am sure a novice would
      > throw up their hands in frustration.

      I am sorry to read that you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately the
      instructions at <http://wiki.panotools.org/Hugin_Compiling_OSX> are
      provided by the users. I myself don't have a Mac so I can't contribute
      much to it.

      > Any advice is appreciated.

      The best piece of advice I can give you is to do as it is common in the
      OpenSource world: contribute.

      You have been through a painful experience, sorry. At least you had some
      documentation. Imagine the pain of those who started without
      documentation at all?

      So please, if you have gone through installing the 90MB donloawd of
      XCode, X11, SDK, woops, macports, etc... would you please document it,
      either directly on the wiki or with a mail to hugin-ptx, so that the
      next person can pick it up from where you left it rather than start from

      documentation is never perfect, and after it is first produced it
      requires validation and refinement, again and again, through dozens of
      users, to make sure that it really works as advertised.

      Probably there is something I do not know about OSX since I don't own a
      Mac, that makes it a difficult environment to build software despite its
      roots in Unix. On all versions of Unix and Linux known to me, building
      that software is a simple job that given instructions such as those on
      <http://wiki.panotools.org/Hugin_Compiling_ubuntu> any data typist can
      follow and complete successfully. If it is different on the Mac, then we
      have to help you Mac users to a more detailed documentation, but we
      can't do that if you don't help us. I only vaguely know that Xcode and
      macports exist.

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