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Re: white balance + flash on canon 40D

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  • Erik Krause
    ... shooting RAW and setting WB afterwards ;-) ... Normal flashes where designed to work with daylight film. And this hasn t changed much since digital times.
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 3, 2007
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      On Monday, December 03, 2007 at 4:07, brontvain wrote:

      > So what is more recommendable?

      shooting RAW and setting WB afterwards ;-)

      > - use the flash on the reference shot?
      > - use always the preset wb "flash"?

      Normal flashes where designed to work with daylight film. And this
      hasn't changed much since digital times. The color temperature of a
      flash can not be changed by software, you only can use filters or
      colored reflectors. Since the flash bulb has a somehow higher color
      temperature, most diffusor glasses on system flashes are slightly
      yellow to achieve a color temperature of about 5500K. This coincides
      with the normal "Daylight" WB setting of the camera.

      It seems, that the "Flash" WB setting is mainly intended for studio
      flashes, which don't have such yellow diffusor glasses. At least the
      discussion on
      suggests that.

      However, if you shoot panoramas with a flash you most likely use it
      either as a fill-in flash or as an indirect flash that lights the
      whole scene.

      A fill-in flash should be adopted to the scenery color temperature
      (if you shoot during sunset you spoil all the atmosphere with a 5500K
      flash). Filter sets for different color temperatures are available.

      If you use the flash indirectly you should take into account the
      color of the reflecting material. If it is bright white it won't
      alter color temperature much, but you can get pretty chinese faces if
      you point an indirect flash against a wooden ceiling (and use
      daylight WB ;-)

      So as always the answer is - it depends....

      best regards
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