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Re: [PanoToolsNG] does the window.open method work for all browsers?

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    ... You know, it s the epitome of ironic that *everyone* wants exactly the same thing: to have something that will work exactly as planned and will make
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 7, 2007
      On 11/7/07, erik leeman <erik.leeman@...> wrote:
      > Just like you Robert, I really prefer script-less HTML, but I also want
      > a clean screen for my images, without all kinds of funky-colored
      > toolbar crap surrounding them. Over time I have seen many people
      > (family, collegues etc.) working with lots of teenyweeny little browser
      > windows on BIG but fully cluttered screens. Those people don't notice
      > your control buttons or instructions, in fact they don't even see much
      > of your pano! Therefore my quest for an effective 'screen-cleaner' that
      > works with all platforms/browsers. Ofcourse any method that enrages
      > people (for whatever reason) or gets blocked by software is useless. So
      > maybe I just won't get what I want, grrrrrrrr.

      You know, it's the epitome of ironic that *everyone* wants exactly the
      same thing: to have something that will work exactly as planned and
      will make everyone happy. Yet those very same everybodies have
      parameters of what they'll accept and what they won't accept (or don't
      want). Until everybody is willing to put aside their "don't wants" in
      favor of their "want" you aren't going to get what you want, which is
      everyone happy.

      Only three things are harder: explaining money to a four-year-old,
      understanding women, and getting all the world's religions and
      non-religions to get along. Pretty tough company if you ask me.

      The other choice is to bend over backward to try and make as many
      people happy as possible. To that end I intend on making at least
      three or four different formats of my work available and probably a
      couple of different ways to display each of those. I'm exploring
      creating downloads where I can take privileged control over the
      display of the content for those brave (and/or foolish) souls that
      need it. Obviously, it is going to have to come down to convenience
      and need. The easier it is to create different formats and the
      different ways to display those formats the more likely I am to use
      them more often. The one thing I have to contend with is the constant
      of time - they ain't making it faster than I'm using it.

      Best wishes on your endeavors. Keep us apprised of your findings, eh?


      Mid GA: 478-599-1300
      ATL: 678-438-6955
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