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PTGUI and related software to your question (was Suggested # of bracketed shots for ptgui)

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    ... Hi Keiran, I can t answer any of the other questions, but I have found that PTGUI Pro (and I m certain the lighter version) cannot take .NEF files. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2007
      On 11/7/07, verifone411 <archive@...> wrote:

      >Can it take nikon raw files as input?

      Hi Keiran,

      I can't answer any of the other questions, but I have found that PTGUI
      Pro (and I'm certain the lighter version) cannot take .NEF files. I
      *finally* bit the bullet and purchased PTGUI Pro last week and use a
      D70. I didn't want to have to buy yet another program since I already
      had close to a dozen different pano softwares, each of them having one
      or more duplicated services. But too many people that know better
      swear by it.

      I'll tell you this: the new version stiched a nearly perfect pano of
      previously discarded shots. And it is a lot easier for me to work
      with than previous trials I tried. The bad news is that the U.S.
      Dollar is at a record low against the Euro, and that tacks on some
      greenbacks to the cost. I figured it was the equivalent of having to
      pay sales tax to console my conversion angst.

      As for the raw files, I feel Nikon should offer their raw conversion
      software for free. I expected to be able to use my professional-grade
      camera as a professional. When I found out I had to pay Nikon's
      extortion fee for Capture, I balked; to me it it was like buying a
      Cadillac and finding a stick-shift in it when it was delivered. So I
      ended up buying YET ANOTHER piece of software called Bibble Pro.

      I was going to try DXO's software but they refuse to use anything
      other than a "download manager" to download the demo, which I consider
      a security risk. I wrote them and got back a pack of garbage as to
      why they *must* use a download manager. Pfaw. Thankfully, that
      saved me from them; take a look at their almost abusive DRM
      strategy... god forbid anyone crash their system and have a deadline
      to meet should they rely on DXO as that person faces a very real
      possibility of not having an important part of their workflow
      unavailable to them for would could be a significant amount of time
      waiting on DXO to help them. Furthermore, I don't trust anything that
      requires an internet connection to work or to be activated.

      I tried LightZone and it was not for me. It takes a long time to
      open, a long time to process, and batch processing is a pain. The
      interface, while beautiful, isn't intuitive and lends nothing to my

      That's not to say Bibble's interface is terribly intuitive,
      particularly when you are doing making adjustments to a batch and are
      ready to export them. But it was faster and easier than LightZone for
      me to figure out, and costs about half the price as well (Basic
      doesn't do batch). Actually, it's less expensive then DXO's Optics
      Pro 4 Standard. BTW, apparently Bibble Pro 5 is coming out sometime
      in the future, and buying 4 now gets upgraded to 5 when it comes out.

      Lastly, I haven't tried the HDR features in PTGUI Pro yet. I have
      Photomatix Pro, purchased back before everyone else had HDR support.
      I figure at this point whatever challenge I have in regards to HDR (or
      practically any other issue) can be faced with what I have.

      Hopefully this will give you some advance notion of what at least one
      other person has experienced, and in my case very recently.


      Mid GA: 478-599-1300
      ATL: 678-438-6955
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