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Panorama printing services

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  • Mathew Hargreaves
    Hi Michael, I found some internet mail order companies doing high res large format inkjet printing. Anything as large as you want and bigger will probably not
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
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      Hi Michael,

      I found some internet mail order companies doing high res large
      format inkjet printing. Anything as large as you want and bigger will
      probably not be standard exposure photos. I have wanted to do something
      really big too but there may be limiting factors you need to consider.
      It takes money, which has been my limiting factor to do this. Not to
      mention a big wall.
      Other problems come into play also.

      1. Large printed images. The larger the paper image the greater chance
      you will kink the paper just in handling it, before actually doing
      the framing work. Have you got a large enough flat work surface to
      deal with a seriously large paper sheet?

      2. Matting and framing.

      A. Mat board comes in 60" lengths. Allowing a 2" miminum mat border
      limits the image to about 56.25" and allowing a 1/8" overlap of
      the image.

      B. Framing lengths are probably longer tham 60" but I am not sure.

      C. Glass or Plexiglas front. Glass will break if you flex the long
      framing. Its also expensive and weighty. Coated UV glass is cool
      and makes it look like there is no glass, but the price is
      hideous. Plex is your best protection against flexing. Again
      there is the weight consideration, but also take into account it
      scratches easily if you try to clean it or wipe dust off of the
      surface. Do you smoke?

      3. Are you going to attempt this work or will you farm it out? $$$

      4. Considering the potential weight: How will you mount it to the wall?
      Have you got a wall big enough? Will the significant other put up
      with it? :-)

      The local Michaels craft supply store is framing up two prints
      with a 10" x 35" image size. It is actually on 12 x 36 paper done at
      Costco on their new printer. At half price for the work, it is
      And they were concerned about the flexing on the glass. Final framed
      size will be about 15" x 40". It will be eye popping even at that size.
      Before this new machine came in, the largest I could get was 18".
      Quading the image size really made an impact.
      I still want to do a 56" image at some point. Once I get the
      framed prints around Wednesday, I will have a better idea of the
      framing logistics coupled with the weight issue. Plex might have to be
      the front of choice.
      Another point for printing: I prep them all at 300 PPI 8 bit tiff
      but a 12 x 36 comes in at 111 mbs. Costco can handle this. However, I
      did look into one local company for an inkjet print but their machine
      could only take max file size of 25 mbs. I created a high res JPG of the
      300 ppi tiff and it still was 40mbs. I was unwilling to compress the jpg
      and loose quality. So I did not attempt to do the print with them.
      Getting the best quality before a larger size should be you first
      choice. Once you have tested yourself with a large image like 35", then
      consider going larger. I am certainly having fun when I can afford it.

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