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Re: [PanoToolsNG] first pano - portrait and telegraph wires

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  • paul womack
    ... Yes - as supplied with fc6 (Fedora) ... Clever! ... Didn t think of that! Still, exiftran is my friend :-) BugBear
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 25, 2007
      Bruno Postle wrote:
      > On Tue 25-Sep-2007 at 13:36 +0100, paul womack wrote:
      >> Bernhard Vogl wrote:
      >>>> 2) In the (pretty darn featureless) sky there is a
      >>>> telegraph wire. Since it's hard to get control points
      >>>> in this area, the wires don't match up
      >>>> nicely on the boundaries in the pano.
      >>> You can mis-use the "t3" control point type for that:
      >> Hugin only offers me "normal", "vertical line", "horizontal line" :-(
      > Sorry this is only available in the recent 0.7 beta versions and I
      > think you are using 0.6.1.

      Yes - as supplied with fc6 (Fedora)

      > Back to your original question: I can't remember if hugin is
      > supposed to read the EXIF orientation info, but what (again) recent
      > beta versions do is to rotate the view depending on the orientation
      > of the photo in the final panorama.


      > So after running the autopano tool all your pictures should finish
      > the right way up regardless of the EXIF data. Or you can just go to
      > the 'Images' tab and set the 'roll' for all your pictures before you
      > start.

      Didn't think of that!

      Still, exiftran is my friend :-)

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