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Re: 375 panos from ANWR

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  • Ryan Stoney
    Thanks for the tip Hans. I didn t realize I could cross over the seriel number. Upon a little digging I found my email and got the program. Then after reading
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 23, 2007
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      Thanks for the tip Hans. I didn't realize I could cross over the
      seriel number. Upon a little digging I found my email and got the
      program. Then after reading some more posts, I've upgraded to the Pro.
      The cost is clearly worth my hours and hours.
      Thanks for the insight Matt. Although I have heard great things about
      ACDSee, I have not used it. I had been using Iview Media Pro for
      thumbing through and cataloguing for a couple of years. Now I like
      Lightroom. You could fix the spots on your sensor in an image and
      paste the correction to multiple images.


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "matt_nolan_uaf" <matt.nolan@...>
      > Hi R. I have received a lot of useful suggestions for workflow, and
      > I'm still trying to work through them given my own constraints and
      > needs.
      > In short, I'm using PTgui Pro exclusively, and using it in manual
      > mode. I'm working on calibrating my lens well enough so that I only
      > need several control points per pair of images, and use these only to
      > optimize the image alignment since the lens characteristics are already
      > defined. Using automatic control points gives unpredictable results,
      > and usually soaks up as much time in checking them as picking manual
      > ones. I realized in this process that my shooting technique was
      > flawed, in that I did not keep my monopod vertical enough or my
      > segments equal enough for perfect stitching. Both are required, the
      > verticalness to keep the NPP stationary and the segments equal because
      > the NPP for fisheye lenses depends on angle. The idea is if the
      > segments are equal, then the stitching occurs at the same angle in each
      > and that a perfect stitch can be achieved. I'm also learning about
      > exposure and lens compensations. I'm using ACDSee's and Photoshop
      > CS2's RAW tools for this. Though I find ACDSee easier to use, I like
      > Photoshop better because it always shows what's happening in the
      > histogram. The TCA correction is also better in Photoshop I think. I
      > havent yet gotten to the point to correct sensor dust, but I'm getting
      > there. I've almost got the stitching part solved. In addition to the
      > lens calibration trick, selecting control points on the distant horizon
      > seems to work great, as well as using Smartblend to cover up the
      > unavoidable stitching issues. I've got about 20 panoramas stitched
      > now, none of which I consider in final form yet.
      > http://www.uaf.edu/water/faculty/nolan/mccall/anwrpanos/demo.htm
      > Please have a look, but I'd suggest holding off on critiques until I
      > get them to a point where I've tried to deal with all of things I
      > already know I need to deal with, at which point I'll be happy to get
      > feedback. I used pano2VR for the Flash encoding; I also tried
      > flashpanoramas, but it was a little more complicated than I could
      > handle at the time.
      > Cheers
      > Matt
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "R Stoney" <rsstoney@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Matt, That sounds like exactly what I would love to do!
      > > I have just returned from a cross country road trip where I shot a
      > > bunch of 360's in some of our National Parks. I am sitting here with a
      > > hard drive full and no stitching workflow put together yet. I have
      > > tried Realviz Stitcher, but my old computer cannot complete a full
      > > resolution stitch, it just locks up. I have had some success with
      > > PTGui and limited success with Hugin. I am really interested to hear
      > > some anwers to your inquiry. Would some experienced panagraphers offer
      > > their workflow as suggestions?
      > >
      > >
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