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  • jeffrey
    Sorry for cross-posting, I d just like to get my message across to everyone.... Just to reiterate - although I *did* suggest hosting the panotools meeting in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2006
      Sorry for cross-posting, I'd just like to get my message across to everyone....

      Just to reiterate - although I *did* suggest hosting the panotools
      meeting in Czech Republic next year, it was not considered as a
      possibility in the final minutes of our panotools meeting this year,
      everyone had been asked if switzerland is ok (I am unfortunately too
      polite to interrupt a speaker when I presume they know what they're
      talking about; I was wrong). I found this frustrating as I had been
      making enquiries and was hoping that at least people could vote on
      these two (very nice) choices.

      As it is, I am very excited to come to Switzerland next year, I know
      Matthias will show us a great time! I am excited to see the fantastic
      beauty of his home, and meet the pano-heads once again, in yet another
      beautiful part of the world.

      It seems to be in general agreement that although Switzerland is not a
      cheap country, we will try our best to make it affordable for those
      people who live in economies that make such a trip difficult.

      With that in mind, may I suggest again that to have the 2008 meeting
      in Prague (though it's becoming more expensive all the time) would be
      a nice relief for people who might find it difficult to pay for a trip
      to places such as UK and Switzerland. Some of the pano-heads I spoke
      to in Bath about this, agreed that it would be a very nice choice, and
      would enable more participants, who do not live in
      germany/austria/scandinavia/UK (as most of the participants were this

      I won't mention this again until the meeting next year, i just wanted
      to put this on the record and get it off my chest.

      See you all again in Switzerland in 2007!

      Jeffrey Martin

      www.panopticpictures.com - Immersive Imaging
      www.prague360.com - A Guide to Prague
      www.jeffrey-martin.com - Portraits, Documentary, Flying Photography

      > 2. czech republic!
      > Posted by: "jeffrey" panoramas@... jefffreymartin
      > Date: Sun Jul 16, 2006 12:52 am (PDT)
      > Yes, switzerland is beautiful and lovely.
      > But it's so bloody expensive!!!!
      > What about Czech Republic?

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