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Re: basic "simple" fixup, fulla and PTlens database

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  • Pablo dAngelo
    ... Ok, so you re not after panoramas, but normal images. ... Btw. the CHDK can map the focus control to the zoom lever. quite useful. ... The PTLens
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2007
      paul womack schrieb:
      > Hello group - new member here.
      > I want (initially at least) to use some of the
      > utlities within panotools to make
      > some "as good as possible" photographs
      > with my humble Canon A630.

      Ok, so you're not after panoramas, but "normal" images.

      > This camera
      > does at least have the merit of having
      > full manual controls, although the manual
      > focusing is a bit of a pain.

      Btw. the CHDK can map the focus control to the zoom lever. quite useful.

      > At this point I am hoping to have the best
      > "starting" image my camera is capable of taking.
      > Questions:
      > If I follow the calibration procedure in
      > http://hugin.sourceforge.net/tutorials/tca/en.shtml
      > can I add this data as "custom" information to the PTLens
      > database - I haven't found a way to do this.

      The PTLens database does not contain information for TCA correction, it only
      contains lens distortion correction settings. As far as I know the A630
      uses the same lens as the A610 and A620, so you can probably just copy the
      A620 entry in the PTLens database.

      The TCA correction parameters need to be specified on the command line given
      to fulla.

      > I would like to do this so that one set of calibration
      > information can be found and used by all the panorama tools,
      > saving me from using more manual GUIs/APIs.

      I'm currently (slowly) working towards an improved lens database, but I'm
      not sure when this might be finished/available.

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