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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Upgrade from PTgui 6.0.3 to PTGui Pro or 7.0.0BETA11

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  • Yuval Levy
    ... Hi Peter, PTgui licenses work so that for a bit more than a year after purchase, upgrades are free. So if you bought your license on or after May 1st
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2007
      Peter Sale wrote:
      > I wish to upgrade from my current PTGui 6.0.3

      Hi Peter,

      PTgui licenses work so that for a bit more than a year after purchase,
      upgrades are free. So if you bought your license "on or after May 1st
      2006", you can download PTgui 7beta and, when it will be released, PTgui
      7.0 - no need to pay for a new license.

      However, if you want the recently introduced Pro version, you will have
      to buy an upgrade license to PTgui Pro.

      To my knowledge, the sole advantage of the Pro version over the standard
      version is integrated HDR processing. If you need that, buy an upgrade.
      Again, my understanding is that the upgrade will buy you all Pro
      versions (beta and releases) for the next 12 months. Joost may confirm.

      I used to do a few HDR with PTgui 6 and PTgui 7 Pro is an improvement
      for the HDR process, though not as much as I'd like. With PTgui 6, I
      used to generate one project file with one exposure and apply it as a
      template for the other exposures. Then I'd use Photomatix or another HDR
      tool to merge the three exposures into a single HDR and tonemap that HDR.

      In the meantime, PTgui 7 Pro handles the merging internally which has an
      advantage in that I can get all the exposures into one project file and
      thus correctly aligns the HDR even if they are handheld or if the tripod
      moved a little bit. However the output is not as flexible as I'd like it
      to be, so I end up manually outputing exposures stacks to apply masks to
      them in Photoshop - something that I can do more conveniently in hugin.

      For the tonemapping, I prefer all the options given to me by qtpfsgui
      rather than the simple, single-algorithm interface of PTgui (or two
      algorithms interface of Photomatix). I wish there was an open plugin
      architecture which allowed third party developers to add their tone
      mapping operators as a plugin - though this is less critical for me than
      the ability to output HDR in layers (with masks) of a single Photoshop

      Another new feature in PTgui which I find useless is QTVR output.
      Pano2QTVR does a much better job at the right moment in the process. I
      seldom want to output QTVR at the stage when I am finished with PTgui.
      Normally I will want to first edit/retouch the nadir and manage the
      seams playing with the masks. Then I'll feed the equirectangular out of
      Photoshop into Pano2QTVR.

      Overall, the new PTgui 7 is an improvement over the 6, but I also feel
      that Joost has ventured into duplicating features (tonemapping and
      qtvr-output) that I personally prefer having at other places in the

      On the other hand, hugin is making giant steps forward and has become
      IMO a very viable (and free) alternative. Particularly amazing are
      hugin's photometric adjustment. It can corrects automatically for

      best regards
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