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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: pole mount construction

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  • Milko Amorth
    Hi Matt, ... It only makes perfect sense with a fisheye covering 180° vertical fov. However, it will work for any lens with additional lateral rows of
    Message 1 of 20 , Jul 6, 2007
      Hi Matt,

      > If I understand
      > correctly though, the small foot trick can only work with a fisheye,
      > because there is only one axis of camera revolution?
      It only makes perfect sense with a fisheye covering 180° vertical fov.
      However, it will work for any lens with additional lateral rows of
      With the 10.5 nikkor/APS sensor size cam you could either mount the cam on
      a 60° roll to cover 180° diagonally
      or just pitch the cam -20° or so to cover the nadir and take one
      additional upshot for the zenith.

      > As you indicate, choice of lens, distance, elevation --
      > these all affect the result, and in not necessarily intuitive ways
      > when coming from standard single frame photography.
      Exactly. See, I am not what you would call a "formally educated"
      photographer. I do spherical panos. And for the longest time,
      many traditional photographers have dismissed this art and industrie as
      non compositional photography. Simply put your camera in the center of the
      room type of thing.....but far from that. It is this very challenge which
      is exciting to me to find a great composition within a sphere. Its much,
      much harder to do. What applies to a single frame must be transported to
      the whole sphere surrounding you.
      Think 360°!

      Regarding the howto and DIY shooting tutorials you are absolutely right.
      See, most of the VR-Photographers I personally know have their technique
      and own style to do it. You can learn so much from them only if you get to
      meet them. Beeing part of such a community like IVRPA or the Panotools
      Meeting Group is rewarding and has its merits....as many techniques are
      also regarded as...a secret! After all, it translates into money if you
      are in for the business of it. Valid thought. It can be of your advantage
      to do a shoot of a certain kind in an much more economical way then with
      an elaborate overhead kind of thinking.
      Perhaps it is time to change that. The software has made it so much easier
      in the recent 2 years to do the editing part that one could see the amount
      of users in the groups triple and multiple fold. I also noticed that many
      traditional photographers have finally entered the sphere :))

      I have thought of a vblog of this many times.....it would be a cool thing
      to have. Youtube would be a great platform for this. What the cooking
      shows did for the way of how the people view food could be a way for
      people how to see a spherical panorama. It makes it less daunting as it
      appears to be.....and over time becomes a natural thing to have or do.
      Ohhh shhoot...now i have to do videoooooh.....


      Milko Amorth
      360° Immersive Imaging
      Photographic Virtual Reality

      PhotoScrapbook at Flickr.com/photos/vrdundee
      Skype me @ vrdundee
      Member of IVRPA.org
      Contributor to the World Wide Panorama Project
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