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Re: HDR in PTGui Pro (was Re: [PanoToolsNG] enblend with PTGui Pro 7 beta?)

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  • Alan Pinstein
    Ok, thanks, all of that helps a bit more. The FAQ could maybe be a little more clear, but it s making sense now. Alan ... [Non-text portions of this message
    Message 1 of 27 , Jun 23, 2007
      Ok, thanks, all of that helps a bit more. The FAQ could maybe be a
      little more clear, but it's making sense now.


      On Jun 23, 2007, at 7:43 PM, Joost Nieuwenhuijse wrote:

      > Alan Pinstein wrote:
      > > Joost-
      > >
      > > Thanks for the updated FAQ. It's very useful. The more I play with
      > > panos the more the FAQ makes sense as well :) And of course the
      > > better my output is getting.
      > >
      > > So, now that I (think I) understand linked images... I have a
      > question.
      > >
      > > I turned on "link images" before doing an align. Thus, according to
      > > the FAQ, I would expect the SAME set of control points to be used
      > for
      > > each of the exposure sets...
      > No, it doesn't work like that. The control point generator generates
      > control points for all images, regardless of the link state. It would
      > not make sense to apply the control points of image 1 to image 2,
      > since
      > the images are different.
      > > Most of the exposures got automatic control points, but the problem
      > > is that some of the really under-exposed images are nearly all black
      > > except for the blown-out parts and thus PTGui couldn't automatically
      > > find control points for the A4-B4 images. This causes PTGui to
      > > complain about bad control points.
      > It shouldn't complain about missing control points, since the
      > images are
      > linked.
      > But it may indeed have generated bad control points; this is always
      > possible, hdr or not.
      > > However, the one that I DIDN'T correct turned out BETTER than the
      > one
      > > that I did correct. The one I corrected got all "wavy" on me (ie the
      > > pictures wandered up and down) thus requiring a tighter crop to
      > > remove the zenith and nadir dead spots.
      > As always, after editing control points and re-optimizing, you may
      > need
      > to straighten the panorama again. See 'straighten panorama' in the
      > Panorama Editor.
      > > So it seems that in reality it is working just like the FAQ says
      > > (using the same control points from the 1st "set" of images for all
      > > bracketed sets) but still displaying the control points for each
      > > individual set... I wonder if in "linked" mode PTGui is still
      > > "aligning" all 4 sets? Maybe this is a slight bug that if fixed
      > would
      > > actually increase performance (by skipping aligning of a bunch of
      > > images)?
      > In 'linked' mode, PTGui still generates control points for all images,
      > but it ignores the cps between the linked images. And the cp's of all
      > linked images are taken together for optimization.
      > Joost

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