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Re: [PanoToolsNG] RAW processing with Lightroom gives inconsistent results

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  • Eric O'Brien
    ... Personally, I m not seeing this happening. Exactly how are you applying the same exposure adjustments the the multiple images? (Interestingly, I just
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 7 1:55 PM
      On May 30, 2007, at 8:26 PM, Justin Imhoff wrote:

      > Just wondering if anyone might know how to get around this little
      > problem.
      > I've been batch processing my photos with Adobe Lightroom, which I
      > thought was really great until I noticed inconsistent results when
      > altering exposures.
      > I shoot in manual mode so that the exposure is the same for each
      > one. If I apply the same exposure adjustment in Lightroom to each
      > of these shots I get different brightness levels depending on how
      > much light is in the shot to begin with.

      Personally, I'm not seeing this happening. Exactly how are you
      "applying the same exposure adjustments" the the multiple images?
      (Interestingly, I just discovered that when you have multiple images
      selected and change a setting like exposure, in in the Library module
      ALL images are affected. Do the same in the Develop module and only
      the "most selected" image is changed. Hmm.)

      > For example if I change the exposure of each shot in a single pano
      > +1 in Lightroom, a shot which has the sun in it will brighten much
      > more than the next shot which doesnt have the sun.

      Are you seeing this in Lightroom, before you export?

      > I then have to go and adjust each shot by eye to make them all
      > consistent before I can stitch.

      Where are you doing this adjustment? Lightroom? Photoshop?

      > This doesnt make sense to me. I thought that the exposure
      > adjustment would create a consistent result, just like adjusting
      > the exposure level in the camera itself!

      Doesn't make sense to me either. But like I said, "This doesn't
      happen for me." ;)

      Things to consider:

      If you aren't using the "Sync Settings" feature to apply the settings
      of one image to all the others, I think that you probably *should*
      be. If you are / when you do... make sure to sync ONLY "exposure."
      That is turn OFF all the other 21 or so checkboxes.

      Plus, make sure you don't inadvertently click and "Auto" buttons!
      (Do not of course, adjust any other setting for only some of the
      images in a single panorama.)

      If you're changing the exposure in Quick Develop, you might want to
      switch to the full Develop window. I don't know that it behaves any
      differently, but at least in Develop you can see the numbers for all
      the settings.

      > Is there another way of doing this that is more effective?
      > Thanks for any feedback.
      > Justin
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