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Re: 360cities.net - launched!

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  • Paul Stewart
    Jeffrey and list, I thought there was some fantastic collaboration going on. Then I get to the word franchise . Hmmmm :( What is your standard franchising
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 4, 2007
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      Jeffrey and list,

      I thought there was some fantastic 'collaboration' going on.

      Then I get to the word 'franchise'. Hmmmm :(

      What is your standard franchising offer BTW?

      It will be great to see this get bigger whatever your business model.

      So refreshing not to see 'Copyright Hans Nyberg' written all over it.
      Sorry Hans, I couldn't resist.

      Congrats on your launch and best to you all at 360cities.


      On 6/4/07 4:22 PM, "PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com"
      <PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > 4a. 360cities.net - launched!
      > Posted by: "Jeffrey S. Martin" panoramas@... jefffreymartin
      > Date: Sun Jun 3, 2007 6:19 pm ((PDT))
      > Hi,
      > I would like to invite everyone to see something that many of us have spent
      > a huge amount of time developing:
      > www.360cities.net
      > with sites currently:
      > http://moscow.360cities.net
      > http://vienna.360cities.net
      > http://venice.360cities.net
      > http://la.360cities.net
      > http://syria.360cities.net (still under development)
      > http://belgrade.360cities.net
      > and http://prague360.com
      > We are now accepting the second round of applicants to this global project.
      > We have streamlined the authoring and publishing process for building these
      > Virtual Reality City Guides. The proven business model that
      > Prague360.comhas enjoyed for two years is now being used as a template
      > for anywhere in
      > the world. Using a standard franchising offer, VR photographers can be part
      > of an immensely appealing global network which will make their service
      > immensely more attractive to potential clients.
      > We have a few very exciting technologies under development in addition to
      > continuing the rapid evolution of our interface and network.
      > In order to maintain our strict standards of quality, we will not be
      > accepting membership from all applicants. Everyone is however encouraged to
      > get in touch with us to discuss in which ways we can cooperate!
      > launch@...
      > Jeffrey Martin
      > David Martin www.cs.bc.edu/~dmartin/ <http://www.cs.bc.edu/%7Edmartin/>
      > Andrey Ilyin
      > Luca Vascon
      > Bernhard Vogl
      > Carel Struycken
      > Pat Swovelin
      > Willy Kaemena
      > Sacha Griffin
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