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9958Need help with setting image parameters for circular images

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  • gobrien1911
    Jun 2, 2007
      Hi, all:

      I'm trying to bring in the nadir and zenith images into PTGui on a
      handheld pano shot with Canon 5D and Sigma 8mm. This is my first time
      using full circular images.

      Try as I might, I can't get my initial image parameters set correctly
      for Z or N.

      In my usual workflow (Nikon DSLR, Sigma8mm), all I do is set pitch at
      +/- 90 degrees for Z and N and adjust yaw. They line up nicely in the
      Panorama Editor and all is well.

      With the Canon images, Z and N are very distorted in the editor. I can
      adjust yaw, but pitch settings don't seem to work correctly.

      Is there something I'm missing here?

      I'm at a NPPA (National Press Photographers Association) Multimedia
      Immersion seminar, shooting and demonstrating VR. I'd really like to
      get this pano done today if at all possible. http://www.nppasummit.org
      if you want to take a look. The students' projects will be posted
      beginning later today.

      Thanks all... hope to see you in Berkeley in a few days.

      Best regards,

      Gary O'Brien
      Photographer | Photo Editor
      The Charlotte Observer
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