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9240Re: AW: [PanoToolsNG] recommend a photolab to print my panos

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  • Bjørn K Nilssen
    May 1 6:27 AM
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      On 1 May 2007 at 14:29, ptgroup wrote:

      > Novajet has also 300 dpi ?

      Yes it has that too, but I always run it at 600dpi.

      > I run a Designjet 350 A0 : 910mm * 15000 cm (0,91 * 15m) max. Did some 50 Panos 88 X
      > 25 cm for an exibition: no one really saw the difference - bad audience ??

      Difference vs what? Vs the newer 12+ colors 2400+ dpi printers like Z3100?
      I think that most people don't care if they can see the dots when get close up on large
      So I would rather say that it was a good audience ;)
      The few clients I have printed for have been very happy with the results too :)

      I think the output from the Novajet is good. It's old, I got it for free and spent $18 on
      new bushings for it (and a couple of hours replacing them), spent a few hundred $s on ink
      and paper etc from a retired Novajet user, and now I can print good 60" prints "for free"
      on a machine I would never had the money to buy if it was one of the newer ones.
      Actually, I could even get $1500 for it if I buy a new Z2100 or Z3100, which is a bit
      tempting. But anyway I just have to use up all the wide paper rolls and ink first,
      because the biggest Z is only 44" wide...

      Bjørn K Nilssen - http://www.bknilssen.no - panoramas and 3D
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