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8488Re: [PanoToolsNG] OT: A laptop for panos. Intel Core, duo core, core 2 duo..???

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  • Fabio Bustamante
    Apr 3 1:17 PM
      At the beginning of this topic I mentioned hardware accelerated video
      cards. I find it interesting that almost nobody else cared about it.

      Some of these notebooks has quite big resolutions (such as 1920x1200
      below) that would take a lot of processing power to deal with. Why use
      so much (expensive) brute force to drag inneficient engines such as
      Java, Flash or Quicktime if you can have the smoothest viewing
      experience by using an accelerated video hardware and a engine that
      supports it, such as Shockwave?

      If the idea is to show the panos locally, then there's absolutely no
      need to worry about compatibility. Just install the plugin needed once
      and pronto.

      Isn't taking advantage of an accelerated GPU the way to go for quality
      and smoothness? Am I missing something?

      dtonnes wrote:
      > Hi Carel,
      > I was in a similar quandary a couple of months ago and ended up with a Dell
      > Inspiron 9400. It's large and heavy, but it's been a reliable workhorse.
      > The 17" screen's 1920 x 1200, tight pixel spacing shows fullscreen panos
      > beautifully. It has a Geforce 7900 graphics card which allows GLpanoview to
      > display big equirectangular images fluidly and without aliasing. Plug it
      > into a 1080p HDTV and you'll blow people away. It is unbeatable.
      > It's got a Core2Duo T7200, 7200rpm hd, and 2gb ram, which makes it a decent
      > stand-in for a desktop machine, which was important because I travel
      > frequently and it allows me to process panos in the evenings. I routinely
      > run PTGui and Photoshop and it's snappy enough, although I wish it could be
      > configured with 4gb of ram - that would make it a Photoshop machine for
      > sure.
      > I purchased it from an Ebay reseller for around $1600.
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