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8470Re: OT: A laptop for panos. Intel Core, duo core, core 2 duo..???

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  • Victor
    Apr 2, 2007
      > At the moment I am intrigued by the Vaio SZ series, which has
      > LED backlighting and supposedly a wide viewing angle, in spite
      > of the glossy screen. White LED might give less yellow backligh
      > than the usual electroluminescent backlighting used for laptop
      > screens (...?)


      I bought a VAIO SZ360 last December and am delighted with it. The
      backlighting is much better than average, and the screen does indeed
      have a pretty wide viewing angle. I can get a very decent calibration
      on the screen (using my Gretag Macbeth EyeOne) though it is much
      better when running the separate nVidia graphics processor than
      without it. The battery life is a bit longer when running the built
      in adapter, but it hasn't been a problem. With 2Gb and a fast dual
      core cpu, it runs the displayed panos very well and is quite
      serviceable as an on-the-road processing station. That, and it's
      small and light and has a decent keyboard for a touch-typist as well. :-)

      Obviously, you'll want to find someplace where you can check it out
      for yourself, but here's word from one pleased owner. BTW, the
      display characteristics was one of the reasons I went for the SZ,
      weight (I got the carbon fiber model) and a good keyboard were also
      important to me as I do use it for on-the-road text work as well as

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