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8459Re: [PanoToolsNG] OT: A laptop for panos. Intel Core, duo core, core 2 duo..???

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  • Luca Vascon
    Apr 2, 2007
      Hi, Kathy....
      About dimensions: When I go somewhere working I like to travel really
      light. It is such a sufference to work with digital (you are bended to
      some electricity plug!).. but when is needed I also carry my laptop with
      me (Portege Toshiba). Some years ago I switched from a 2nd hand toshiba
      11" that had 1.4kg weight, to another 2nd hand one that in 1.8 kg has
      12" and the burner too. Sometimes I regret the choice. I'm really
      looking to the OQO, to the Samsung or the Sony 8" touchscreens. I could
      use them also to fully remote the camera.
      Laptop for me meand controlling the shots, burning spare DVDs, and
      building the projects the BIG machine will stitch.
      For macs, I know OSX is coming from free BSD... The only one linux I
      used is Ubuntu, and it worked pretty well. My path was from Commodore 64
      to 128, Amiga series, and then, after a long period without computers,
      win 98, NT, 2000, In this moment I intended to switch to an OS9 mac....
      and finally the nirvana of the solid XP. Many reasons around why I
      really don't like macs.... and one, yes, is price! In Italy, for example
      the 13" basic (NO DVD BURNER) still costs around 1200eur, the same price
      my girlfriend payed for a 15.4" Vaio FULLY LOADED with 100gb HD, 1Gb ram
      etc etc. In PCs there are a lot of offers that lower down the prices.
      Fully understand that other people may like macs... I've 45 to manage in
      the university lab, never ended to like them.
      Ok, other thing: Applications! Stealing software is WRONG! and some
      certain retouching software we use is DAMN'EXPENSIVE. I've got it in the
      educational flavour, since I work in university. Well, I decided to
      switch. It will be costy for me, I know. And I decided not to give "that
      commercial software" courses any more.
      I switch open source, and I switch my teaching opensource too.
      Opensouce, free software and fairly priced software. 80percent of my
      students has windows machines, 10 percent has macs, 10 percent has no
      computer and uses our macs...
      ...obviously, the 10 percent of them is using legal software. Can you
      guess who?
      In defence I can say too many of them are really working hard (black
      work, underpayed etc) to help their parents paying not only university
      fees, but also the unrasonable fees they must afford to live in any
      university city here in Italy. Buying software, even in edu version,
      would be worse than unsustainable for them.
      And than, people who really could, is wasting money everywhere in
      gadget, fashion, cool things (hate to say iPods and macs have mainly
      this connotates in Italy), and maybe also reciving social help from
      university, cause their parents are lawyers whose taxes declaration are
      quite zero (our system allows this)
      But I hate the message that passes, stealing software remains wrong.
      Software fees are always a barrier to entrance in work market. For
      serious pro there is no more job: everybody asks to freelance- grey
      workers- students. Quality? Nobody cares any more. Little and medium
      companies in Italy do not care any more. All this little new workers
      uses stolen soft and has no "studio" to mantain. They can be underpayed
      or not payed at all. Do you know the process of desertification?
      Here in Italy we are doing the same thing in economy and society, going
      towards a 3rd world economic model. So we need 3rd world approach, just
      like MIT OLPC project, we have to restart from zero a culture of
      opensource, and legality.
      I far better prefer Austria and Germany for all these things. Students
      are considered a resource for the country, not a "cost".

      Kathy Wheeler ha scritto:
      > On 02/04/2007, at 7:14 PM, Luca Vascon wrote:
      > > Mac laptops in the lightweight serie are not really feature loaded
      > > (you've to pay to have a serious dvd burner) and aren't neither
      > > really compact or lightweight, but they do have a great screen. I'd
      > > get one and run windows xp or a linux on it, since I never realy
      > > liked OSX...
      > Luca!! :-( OS X is FreeBSD Unix in a sexy anti-aliased GUI! Linux
      > (yes I've used at least 3 different flavours) is a close "cousin". I
      > wasn't going to get drawn into this thread ... but I *love* my 17" OS
      > X PowerBook. When I upgrade / replace it (not for another few years -
      > Apple hardware lasts well) it'll be for the equivalent in whatever
      > intel model Apple is making around that time (ok so maybe it'll be a
      > "used" not "new" model ;-)
      > > my moneywise choice would be a white 12"mac with Linux to show
      > > things to customers.
      > I still have a fondness for Linux but the apps support still sucks.
      > It's just too much hard work to get things working and sometimes you
      > don't have the time or energy (or colour printer drivers, or the
      > right video driver, sound card driver, and don't even try to find a
      > current web-cam driver ... etc) ... besides 12" is WAY too small to
      > show things off, especially panos. 14" should be the minimum. My
      > daughter was looking at the new MacBooks recently and was impressed
      > by the (small) price tag.
      > > My effective one would be Panasonic, or tiny Vaio, or Flybook (the
      > > 12"one, with erectile monitor)... Would nice to test the screens
      > > all together (maybe Fujitsu Stylistic included) Sorry to say
      > > Toshiba seems not to have great noveltys in Portege serie.
      > Many of the bigger names (in the intel world) seemed to have dropped
      > the ball so to speak lately. Nothing really stands out any more -
      > they're all trying to sell on gimmicks.
      > Regards,
      > KathyW.
      Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale!
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