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8451Re: Suggestions for Optimising Spherical Image Quality for WWP Submission?

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  • Erik Krause
    Apr 2, 2007
      On Monday, April 02, 2007 at 9:23, Hans Nyberg wrote:

      > > Better to output from PTGui, since this saves one interpolation step and
      > > speeds up computation
      > Be carefull with that. Resizing directly from PTGui will cause
      > pixalation in some subjects if you do it to smaller sizes than 60% of
      > you max resolution. This seems to have been a bug in PTGui since long
      > ago and it is the same on Mac and Windows.

      With PTGui internal remap or with Panotools remap? And which

      > This means if your originals give you a max size of 10.000 you can
      > output a 6000 from PTgui but than you have to resize this in Photoshop
      > to 3000 for the smaller.

      My usual panos give a max size of about 12000 and I usually output
      8000. With PTGui internal Lanczos I didn't see any problems. Well,
      that's above the limit, I see... Thanks for the info!

      > > For large: High quality panning and Max statical, for small: Normal for
      > > panning and Max statical.
      > >
      > Erik, are you sure you did not make a typo.
      > You can use High Quality panning for small movies but for large fullscreen you should use
      > normal as panning can get very stuttering with high quality.
      > Especially on an older machine.

      Yes, intentionally. High quality - both small and large version -
      doesn't even pan on my fathers old mac, but since I hate the
      shimmering from bad (or no?) anti-aliasing and I suppose that most
      users of old machines will stick with the small version anyway I want
      the best viewing experience for full screen and recent computers.

      best regards
      Copyright (c) 2007 Erik Krause
      Verbatim copying and distribution strictly forbidden
      except those allowed in wiki.panotools.org/User_Guidelines
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