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8409Re: [PanoToolsNG] OT: A laptop for panos. Intel Core, duo core, core 2 duo..???

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  • Fabio Bustamante
    Mar 31, 2007
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      Hi, Carel.

      If you want smooth panorama viewing I strongly suggest you to search for
      notebooks/laptops with accelerated video cards, such as Nvidia's "Go"
      series. With a hardware accelerated GPU you could take advatage of the
      Spi-V viewer and get the smoothest viewing you could dream of. Do some
      research on accelerated video cards for mobile computers and see what's
      available there.


      I'm quite sure that even with a pretty modest accelerated card you would
      get incredible frames per second rates, regardless of the main processor
      speed or type.

      Surely Aldo could put some more light over this matter..



      Carel wrote:
      > I am thinking of getting a new laptop. It will have to be able to showcase
      > panos in the smoothest possible way on a bright screen with a wide viewing
      > angle. I am a bit confused about all those duo core varieties out there.
      > They all emphasize multi-tasking, but what I am interested in is if the
      > number of cores makes a difference when just working in one program like
      > Photoshop. At the moment my fastest PC is a 3.4GHz Pentium 4. So how do I
      > figure out how much faster or slower a duo core of say 1.66GHz or 2 GHz is
      > and would a core 2 duo speed up a process in photoshop any more than a core
      > duo with in the same GHz range?
      > Carel Struycken
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