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76Re: new forum set up

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  • tflyfish2002
    Jul 12, 2006
      You've got more Rabbit than Sainsbury's.
      Why not sign your posts and you might get taken a bit more seriously.
      I don't wish to start a Flame war, but the word Troll comes to mind.
      So correct me if I am wrong.

      Bazzer-- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, de gava <wblakesx@...> wrote:
      > I see no answer to my last post perhaps i should
      > drop the issue and move on, but first: It should be
      > remembered by those on the digest scheme that Fora
      > are arranged by Threads. Threads are easy to opt out
      > of and contain their own subject matter, so why a
      > narrow and capricious take on what may be posted?
      > After all many have made 'off topic ' comments and
      > will continue. Otoh this is a new beginning and a
      > proper time and place to Institute...institutional
      > utilities.
      > That said, and hoping and 'controversy' is settled,
      > noted that Fora have threads as a constituent and a
      > proper differentiation pointed out, : I belong to a
      > Forum for old cars ( to keep mine running). Everytime
      > I go there there is at least one post from the
      > ministers stating that For Sale items have their own
      > page and a link give. This thread is posted Every
      > dayin that forum. Explicitly, such a device can aid
      > navigation tremendously as it can tip to a nav page
      > and queries can be directected there.
      > As it is the thread will jumble, perhaps that will
      > make for more dedicated membership, there's generally
      > a sort of yin to yang thing, but it also opens up some
      > other probs.
      > I hope someone is glad I didn't just bugger off.
      > Hope some here can read the tea leaves.
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