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7344Re: Call for Contributions: Aeasthetically Interesting Spherical Panoramas

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  • dmgalpha
    Mar 1, 2007
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "erik leeman" <erik.leeman@...> wrote:
      > If my copyright is safe and secure I am certainly interested in
      > contibuting!
      > Please have a look at my site to see if you can find something useful
      > http://www.erikleeman.com/QT/fullscreen-english.htm
      > or
      > http://flickr.com/photos/erik-nl/
      > for the equirectangular versions.
      > The original sizes are approximately 11150 x 5575 pixels.
      > Thanks,
      > erik leeman

      I conversed today with the chair of the conference and assured me that
      the copyright issues are up to the artists. As I mentioned before, the
      copyright rests with the artists: there is no transfer of copyright at
      any point.

      I am leaning towards a web site that showcases the work and that can
      be made available to anybody who wants to explore it. I am open to

      Erik, you have to determine what you want to submit for consideration,
      and call my attention to it. I am assembling a group of people who
      will help me go over the submissions and determine what to include in
      the final version.

      There will be also space available for displaying prints which I am
      willing to fund and print (no frames, though).

      Finally, by March 12 we need to have a proposal, not necessarily the
      final product. We will then have a final notification of acceptance
      (yes, there is the potential for the proposal not to be accepted).

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