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6399Re: [PanoToolsNG] Another "my first" pole pano

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  • Pat Swovelin
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Szymon "Zbooy" Madej wrote:
      > Pat Swovelin-2 wrote:
      >> you should, IMHO, shoot a pano from the fort to show how
      >> massive the mound is. It's size and especially height are lost in your
      >> pano because everything "falls away" from you in the pano whereas in a
      >> shot from the fort you'd be able to see it in context with the fort and
      >> be able to tell how large it really is.
      > Well it was one of my first sphericals, a two-row done with an 11-18 zoom
      > and my old KiWi-L. You can see it at
      > http://panoramy.zbooy.pl/360/pan/kopiec-balkon/e

      That puts it into context. Thanks. Are you one of the people inside?

      > Actually I have worked in this fort for a few years and this is the view
      > from a balcony outside my room.

      What do you mean "worked?" Are you a prisoner in the dungeon or what?
      Do you want me to send you a hacksaw so you can escape? =8^)

      >>> BTW, I'm doing 120 deg rotations for just three images (the famous
      >>> 5D/10.5
      >>> combo).
      >> You might want more coverage than that when you're doing pole panos to
      >> make your stitching easier with a larger overlap.
      > This would give me one more (possibly problematic) seam though :-(

      Most people I know shoot 6 around on a monopod if their normal is 4 on a
      tripod to give them better coverage especially if their pole has a
      tendency to sway or there's movement in the shot (e.g., people, cars,

      > I wonder if using 3 or 4 images makes a difference in sharpness. Has
      > anyone
      > tested this?

      With respect to the number of images you shoot around (3 or 4) the
      sharpness isn't a factor of how many shots you used per se, rather it's
      a factor of the body/lens combination you used.

      > zbooy

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large
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