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6365Re: [PanoToolsNG] Good QTVR compresion ratio and pano size settings for 56 K modem visitors

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  • John Riley
    Jan 31, 2007
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      I don't know if you are on a Mac or not, but if you are deliVRator
      can simulate downloading your pano at different speeds. You could
      play with your setting to find what seems reasonable to you. It is
      interesting to watch, since sometimes you have the order in which
      tiles download screwed up by changing the initial view. A quick
      optimization in deliVRator sets that straight too.

      John Riley

      On Jan 31, 2007, at 5:23 PM, dalileis wrote:

      > Hi group,
      > Fullscreen panos at about 2 MB take forever to open with 56 kB modem,
      > obviously.
      > So what are the optimum settings for QTVR compression and the size of
      > the source pano aimed for showing beautiful QTVRs to 56 kB modem
      > users?
      > Trying to figure this one out is kinda hard without being able to test
      > it right away, finding a 56 kB modem user in Sweden is not that easy,
      > believe you me. Any experience with, or knowledge about this, someone?
      > Big thanks ahead for any help or advice!
      > Best,
      > Dalileis

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