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57405Re: [PanoToolsNG] Ultra-wide lens for full frame

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  • Keith Martin
    Jul 31, 2014
      I'll third it. :)

      I use my shaved 10.5mm most of the time because in crazy locations it's
      so much faster shooting 3+N (tripod) or 4 (pole) than the 6+N+Z the 16mm
      needs. But the Nikkor 16mm fisheye is a sweet lens and works *very* well
      for panos, for me.


      On 30 Jul 2014, at 16:47, mrjimbo2' mrjimbo2@... [PanoToolsNG]

      > I'll second that vote on the 16mm ..
      > jimbo
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      > From: Scott Highton scott@... [PanoToolsNG]
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      > Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 8:14 AM
      > Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Ultra-wide lens for full frame
      > I have used fixed focal length Nikkor 14mm, 15mm (original QTVR lens),
      > and 18mm lenses for many years for panorama work. They're all fine
      > lenses (except the 15mm, which is more prone to flare than the
      > others). Most of the time, they sit on the shelf today, however.
      > I do 90-95 percent of my panoramic work today with the Nikkor 16mm
      > full-frame fisheye on a full frame Nikon D800. It's a great
      > combination for spherical panorama shooting -- good resolution (about
      > 20,000 x 10,000 pixels for equirectangular result) with a need for
      > only 8 shots (6 around plus zenith and nadir). Also, it's very sharp
      > (I normally shoot at about f/11). No problems with entrance pupil
      > alignment. I usually prefocus at hyperfocal distance, and the EP
      > difference is negligible between most panorama sequences.
      > I also use a shaved Nikkor 10.5mm (full frame fisheye for the DX
      > format, but works on FX cameras) on the D800 for pole panoramas (6
      > shots around, no zenith or nadir needed), but only yield about 12,000
      > x 6,000 pixel panoramas. It's workable, but not preferred if I can use
      > the 16mm instead. But the results are surprisingly good.
      > Don't dismiss fisheyes outright. They're a great option for today's
      > panorama photographer, and offer a very good set of tradeoffs.
      > Scott Highton
      > Author, Virtual Reality Photography
      > Web: http://www.vrphotography.com
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