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57400Samyang 8mm CS II and Samyang 10mm reviews?

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  • Robert Lesac
    Jul 29, 2014
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      Samyang has been busy lately, they have 3 versions of the 8mm FE and a
      10mm ultra wide angle for APS-C.
      Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-eye CS II the DSLR version
      Samyang 8mm T3.8 UMC Fish-eye CS II the VDSLR version
      and another T3.1 but not in F mount.

      Can't find much info on them. I'd guess they should be the same
      internals. The VDSLR seems to have smooth aperture control with no stops.

      All come with removable lens shade so no shaving necessary :)
      At 260 eur I'm just gonna get one.

      I could not find any decent info on the Samyang 10mm, any ideas about
      the performance?


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