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57394Re: [PanoToolsNG] Dizzying Panoramas Of Stars In Motion

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  • Keith Martin
    Jul 29, 2014
      > schrieb paul womack:
      >> Have I misunderstood the purpose of a discussion list?

      Erik Krause wrote:
      > Of course not, but you ask a question only he can answer...

      Actually, what Vincent Brady has created is *very* impressive, but that
      doesn't mean the technical methods couldn't be improved.

      First of all, a stitcher template would be eminently sensible, and it
      would mean stitching could be done without further control points. Sure,
      things are moving in the sky, but that's irrelevant; the shots are all
      from the same positions so each set can be stitched without having to
      fuss with CPs once the correct values have been set up once.

      Second, judging by the shot at the start that shows a large metal '+'
      with the cameras mounted at the end of each arm, the cameras are much
      further offset than they need to be. Moving them as close together as
      possible would make the output more reliable.

      Creatively? Lovely stuff.

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