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57387Re: Dizzying Panoramas Of Stars In Motion

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  • Erik Krause
    Jun 24, 2014
      Am 23.06.2014 23:47, schrieb Peter A. Schaible:
      > Do you think there is a way to
      > make them that doesn't require four cameras and four fisheye lenses?

      If you use a full circular fisheye pointing straight up you can shoot
      the whole sky at once without the need to stitch the star trails itself.
      This way the resolution would be limited, but you'll omit the problem of
      star trails being interrupted along the seams.

      Another way would be to to stitch the trails separately such that the
      end of a trail would align to the start of the same star's trail in the
      next image. This way time would be the limiting factor, if you want to
      shoot all images in one night and you would be limited to plain streaks
      (no saucer or comet effect, like in Vincent's images).

      And last you could create artificial star trails. If you shoot the night
      sky with relatively short exposure such that the stars are points and
      orient the resulting panorama such that the north star (Polaris) is in
      the zenith you can use photoshop motion blur filter to create horizontal
      streaks in the equirect image. Once reprojected to normal orientation
      you get trails rotating around the north star. This is more or less the
      opposite of reducing star trails to star images like shown in
      Of course you'd need a night sky panorama which covers both the sky at
      the beginning of the "trails" and at their end in order to have full
      "trails" for all stars (even those who rise after your first shot). But
      it might be enough to shoot one panorama soon after dusk and one just
      before dawn and stitch them such that you get most of the sky.

      For the last two methods the landscape needs to be overlayed with a mask
      of course.

      Erik Krause
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