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57383Re: [PanoToolsNG] Dizzying Panoramas Of Stars In Motion

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  • paul womack
    Jun 24 3:20 AM
      paul womack pwomack@... [PanoToolsNG] wrote:
      > Trausti Hraunfjord trausti.hraunfjord@... [PanoToolsNG] wrote:
      >> Vincent details his workflow here: http://www.vincentbrady.com/planetarypanoramas
      >> You can also communicate with him directly here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/panoramicphotographers/
      > What's going wrong? - he's stacking his hundreds of frames into only four star-trail
      > fish eye shots, and then stitching the pano from those four frames.
      > He's manually placing (fair enough) 30 to 40 control points, and yet says
      > "this usually takes me several hours."
      > At 30-40 CPs per seam, that's 160 CPs in (say) 5 hours, 1.8 minutes per CP.
      > That's not my experience of manual CPs at all.

      Ah; I'd only looked at the still shots on the page, not the video. It looks like he's
      stitching (and CP'ing) each frame of the video from 4 star-stax'd images separately.

      I don't understand why.

      Surely using a template project, based on a sample 4 image set would provide a transform
      set for all the frames from a given camera position, which would then be scriptable?

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