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  • Mark Fink
    Jun 17, 2014
      I'm assuming, maybe incorrectly, that you used PTGui to stitch the originals, right? If so, you can use PTGui to align these two as well. Just mark the original source images as equirectangular and also choose equirectangular for output. When you optimize, uncheck all of the boxes except for yaw, pitch, and roll for the second image. That way, the first one stays anchored in place. You don't need to optimize for any of the lens parameters or FOV.

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      Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 5:10 AM
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      Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Hey all

      I have 2 360 panoramic pictures taken from the same spot, a few days from each other.

      I want to place the 2 pics exactly one above the other and create a transition between them (day to night).

      The problem is the 2 panos don't perfectly align. They are pretty close, but not perfect.

      So i want to ask if anyone knows of any tools that may help me align them better? Idealy i would have a program that enables me to mark some points on one pano, then place the same corresponding points on the other one, then the program warps the panos so the align perfectly. Anyone heard of anything like that? or any other ideas that may help?

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