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57272RE: [PanoToolsNG] Test of Nikon FC-E8 (on a modern Canon camera)

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  • Mark Fink
    Apr 29, 2014

      Surprisingly good results - better than I would have expected. Still, is
      this really something you would want to shoot with on a regular basis?
      Thanks for the proof of concept though!


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      Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Test of Nikon FC-E8 (on a modern Canon camera)

      Discussion occurred on some recent threads of this list about the IQ that
      could possibly be expected nowadays from the FC-E8 on a modern camera.

      I had adapted the Nikon fisheye converter (x 0.21) in front of the EF-S
      18-55 mm (Mk 1)! This zoom lens had been delivered as a kit together with
      the EOS 300D Rebel. After some tests, this "Chimeron" lens combo was shelved
      a decade ago.

      Today I cleaned it and mounted the Chimeron set at 33 mm and f/13 on a Canon
      EOS 650D. I shot four images to yield this panorama:
      Some more dusting off would probably help a bit...



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