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5716Re: number of images at non-zero pitch?

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  • Erik Krause
    Jan 5, 2007
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      On Wednesday, January 03, 2007 at 23:22, pedro_silva58 wrote:

      > erik,
      > i appreciate your efforts in getting this right. i agree that
      > subtracting half the vertical fov, while not _always_ necessary, is
      > the right way to do it, and is safer.
      > on the other hand... how many images you need, depends on overlap
      > (yes, of course ;-) ). i understood your example to be an
      > illustrative example only. if you regularly shoot for only 20%
      > overlap you are a braver man than i am.

      I regularly use 25% but I did shoot panoramas with as less as 5%
      overlap (well, not completely intentional I must admit ;-) I
      occasionally use my Zenitar with a 5-around workflow which gives
      about 10%.

      However, even if you use 25% my example would result in 12 images if
      you calculate with the image center tilted up to 60° and hence leave
      holes. And the problem gets worse if you use a wider angle lens:
      given 40°x60° FoV, 60° tilt up and 30% overlap you get 7 images if
      you calculate with the image center. The lower edge will be 30° above
      the horizon needing 312° total Fov but with 7 images you only get

      Same for 60°x80° and 30% overlap: tilted up 60° you need 5 images for
      30° overlap which results in 300° coverage where you need 339°.

      best regards
      Erik Krause
      Resources, not only for panorama creation:
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