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57139RE: Aligning 2 panoramas

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  • lionel_drew
    Jan 15, 2014
      I have used the following technique for a set of matched rectilinear panoramas using PTGUI:

      1.  Choose one of the panos to be your master; you will align other panos with this one.
      2.  Incorporate other panos one at a time as follows:

      2.1  Add the images of the next pano one at a time; each time you add an image, align it with the corresponding image in your master pano.  Each image from the additional panos has control points with only the corresponding image in the master.

      When you're done you should have control points as follows: a) Master Pano images linked by control points to each other as normal, and b) images from additional panos linked by control points to the corresponding image in the master pano.

      Optimise as you go.  When you have all images linked this way, you are ready to created the matched panos.  In PTGUI I did this by running Create Pano once for each pano, using only the images from that pano.  To do this I selected the appropriate images in the Create tab.

      Hope this is clear, good luck!


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