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57138Aligning 2 panoramas

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  • jiewbechtong
    Jan 15, 2014
      Good day everybody,
      I have a project I've been messing with, and i kind of got stuck for a while now, so i would appreciate any kind of help.
      Basically i have 2 spherical panoramas, that where shot from ALMOST the same spot (tiny tiny deviations, as they were shot a year apart), and i would like to perfectly align them one over the other, so i can make kind of a timelapse video from them.
      I think the best solution would be if there is a tool out there where i can place certain control points on both panos, and the tool will wrap the panoramas so they overlap. Does anyone know any such tool? 
      Or any other ideas for methods solving this problem?
      Any help shall be greatly appreciated.
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