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57051RE: Inserting a tour into a PDF

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  • jrgen_schrader
    Oct 19, 2013

      Everyone who uses the krpano protect tool will easily find out that - even by simple dragging and dropping - all files of a tour can be integrated into one single swf. No wisdom, no magic, no secret doors involved. And there's a lot more to discover.

      Enjoy your day


      ---In panotoolsng@yahoogroups.com, <mailinglist@...> wrote:

      Am 19.10.13 07:57, schrieb panorama@...:
      > "with pano2vr it's working with tours, krpano only can include one pano
      > in one swf." Sorry, but that is completely nonsense.

      maybe you're able to share your wealth of knowledge with the lists
      members and which wisdom allows you to qualify others users postings in
      this way.

      leaving your post without any explanation maybe isn't very helpful to
      other readers and just not very much more than only offending.
      everbody here is always prepared to learn from the real masters.

      > Seems noone is
      > reading this group anymore, (no surprise with such a shitty mobile
      > interface from yahoo) otherwise this would have been corrected earlier
      > :-) Cheers Jürgen
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