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57030Focus stacking

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  • Mark D. Fink
    Oct 10, 2013
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      I was experimenting with focus stacking in PhotoShop and wasn't all that impressed with the results.


      I took three focus sets with three exposures each for a total of nine images. I had originally thought to run the three similar exposures through focus stacking so that I would have three images with large depth of field, but different exposures, then blend those in SNS HDR. However, PhotoShop seemed to be thrown off by over or underexposed images and couldn't find sufficient detail for a good result. That wasn't surprising.


      Next, I did the HDR blending in SNS HDR first for each set that was at the same focus, then put those three HDR images in PhotoShop to merge. So, PhotoShop got three well exposed images to play with, but still didn't do a good job of finding the sharp bits of each set.


      What programs or workflows do you use?






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