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57021Re: [PanoToolsNG] Inserting a tour into a PDF

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  • Thomas Bredenfeld
    Oct 8, 2013
      with newer version of acrobat pro you can embed a tour directly into a
      pdf. if it's completely self-contained tour in one single swf it runs
      such a self-contained tour can be easily produced with pano2vr.

      keep in mind that such a pdf is generally playable by anyone, but only
      with with adobe reader, not with other pdf readers like mac os x
      preview. interface elements in the pano or tour should respect the size
      of the frame in which the swf is placed in. ... and of course the file
      size of the swf adds up to the pdf size.

      hope this helps

      Am 08.10.13 19:49, schrieb Mark D. Fink:
      > Is there a way to insert a tour into a PDF? Not a link to the tour, but
      > the embedded tour itself? I'm thinking of creating a brochure in PDF
      > format that will show an interactive tour directly. That way, when they
      > open the PDF, they can click on the tour and start navigating.
      > Obviously, this would only work if they were connected to the Internet,
      > but I think it could be an interesting way to combine a sales pitch and
      > a test drive without sending them out to a link.
      > Mark
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