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57000Search for a program to estimate effective image resolution

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  • Erik Krause
    Oct 2 3:05 PM
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      in December 2010 some of us (me, Gerald Donovan, Alfred Zhao, Joergen
      Geerds and others) had a lengthy discussion about effective image
      resolution on the PTGui list. The topic was "Stitch large panorama in
      PTGui". In this discussion I proposed a technique to estimate effective
      image resolution. I wrote:

      > Take a relevant crop of the image and reduce it's size by
      > half. Then blow it up again to the original size. Now overlay the
      > original and the two times resized version in difference mode. If there
      > is no difference at pixel level any information in the larger version is
      > in the half size version as well. You can repeat this using larger
      > dividers (quarter, eighth...) until you see some difference. This way
      > you'll find the highest resolution that carries all the displayed
      > information.

      I remember faintly that some time later someone came up with a link to a
      command line program that did more or less the above described
      automatically. It could have been here or in PTGui list or even another
      list. Does anyone remember this link or still has the program?

      Erik Krause